Welcome to The NABPP!

NABPP stands for National Association of Bankruptcy Petition Preparers. Bankruptcy petition preparers are experts on document preparation for bankruptcies. The goal of our organization is to provide educational assistance and training in order to increase the knowledge and professionalism of bankruptcy petition preparers.

Understanding The Bankruptcy Petition Practice

Section 110 of the United States Bankruptcy code illustrates that a non-attorney can assist in the preparation of a bankruptcy petition for filing. The job of United States Trustees Office is to enforces this code. Can you believe, in these economic times, that Congress has made a provision that allows anyone to create bankruptcies! A constant problem that arises, is that many cases of fraud and abuse are reported due to the lack of training or organizational assistance available to anyone choosing to become a bankruptcy petition preparer. Worse than the issues encountered by the bankruptcy preparer, are the problems created on behalf of the client as a direct result of unskilled and untrained preparers. The NABPP is dedicated to provide you with all of tools and training necessary to not only aid in the assistance of those who desperately need your services as a preparer, but also to aid in the establishment of your own bankruptcy petition preparation practice. Subscribe now to receive special offers, promotions, and announcements from The NABPP Institute!